“PBR Song” Music Video!

Alright y’all, so I have some awesome news! “PBR Song” is going to have a music video, and it’s the first one off my first album! In other words, I’m super pumped! I worked on this project with Edward Valibus in the director’s chair here in Memphis at Kudzu’s Bar–a local favorite. If you’ve given the song a listen, you know that there’s a lot of personal life and bar life occurring within a few verses, so we figured, let’s put those together and make a video!

Kudzu’s was a great location because there’s so much to the little bar, that we were able to shoot multiple scenes in one place! Dear friend and local musical talent, Nick Black, kindly stepped in to play my former lover and allowed me to sing all my anger in the song to him, as he does a fantastic job portraying an indifferent man driving a woman into the comforting arms of the bar. No surprise that he is a man of many talents, but this was my first time getting to see him act though! Friends came out to play bar extras, so not only was the process of shooting my first video exciting, but it was fun sharing the experience with some of my tightest supporters! We decided to keep on with the black and white theme, after such great feedback with that during the promotional shots for the album, and though I was skeptical at first, I was sold soon as I took a look at the pre-production shots Edward had taken. Y’all, it looks great!

I feel like I’m giving too much away in my excitement, so let me shut up and let y’all in on the details you need to know for now! The video is set to be released to the public January 14, 2014, BUT we have a treat for you Memphis fans to welcome you back from the holidays! January 11, 2014 we will be having a video sneak peek viewing party at Kudzu’s! There will be an opening band, followed by a big screen projected viewing of the video, followed by a live show from me and my full band! Keep your eyes open and don’t forget to check out “PBR Song” the music video 1/14/14, and don’t miss out on the party 1/11/14 if you just can’t stand the anticipation like I can’t! Thanks for your continued support! Much love! -Faith



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  1. I love it! When will it be posted here? Or, where (what site) do I tell ppl to go to view it?