New music coming your way in 2016!

I am so excited to share that I’ve got two new singles coming your way in 2016! “Thank You” and B-side “Sugar” will be released on February 26! I’m heading to the legendary Royal Studios (think Al Green, Ann Peebles, Uptown Funk!) this weekend to record these songs, and they’re going to have even more soul than anything I’ve done before. I cannot wait to share this music with you!

And of course, it would be possible without the incredible players who will be joining me at Royal on Saturday – I’ve got Rick Steff on organ/keys, Ori Naftaly and Josh Roberts on guitar, Jesse Dakota on drums, Poyee Yancy on bass, Mark Franklin on trumpet, Victor Sawyer on trombone, and Art Edmaiston on sax! With players like these, y’all know these singles are gonna be great!

Here’s the official single artwork – stay tuned!


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