Singles update!


So you may notice a pretty big change┬áto the artwork for my new double single I’m releasing Feb. 26. Originally I had decided that “Thank You” would be the A side and “Sugar” would be the B side, but once we got in the studio at Royal Studios I started to fall super hard in love with “Sugar”. While I am so excited about both songs (and I seriously cannot wait to share them with y’all), I started to second guess the choice to list “Sugar” as the B side, and felt that it deserved to be the title track for the double release. That was even more evident to me as I mixed with Kevin Houston at Music+Arts Studio this past Tuesday and mastered with L. Nix Mastering on Wednesday. Like I said, I love both songs so much, but I just can’t get “Sugar” out of my head, and (not to toot my own horn–but beep beep) I’m thinking y’all are gonna feel the same way! With that being said, “Sugar” will now be the A side and “Thank You” will now be the B side when I release the singles next month. As I mentioned in the last post, I have some exciting adventures coming up before I release these bad boys, including a tour with Jesse Lacy (Indiana) and Miss Lauren Pratt (Nashville) on my way up to my second Folk Alliance International where I will perform three nights at the Folk Fiesta suite alongside some other great musicians. You can catch those dates on my tour log right here on this here website, and keep in mind that there are more being confirmed and added to the February tour as I type this, so stay checking back! Tune in next week as I will be announcing some exciting details about the singles release show here in Memphis–all I will say for now is that it’s gonna be a party that my local fans don’t wanna miss! Until then, as always, much love! -FER

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