It’s time: pre-orders for my next album have launched!

The big announcement is here! This week I officially launched the pre-order and fan funding campaign for my next full-length record, which will be out in 2017! You can pre-order the digital album for just $10 or throw in a little bit more and get some cool perks (want some mail from Memphis, a house concert or beer & BBQ with me?) – get all the details right here on IndieGogo!

Once you pre-order or pledge, you’ll get exclusive updates from me as we complete the record, so get in there early! The campaign will last 60 days and we’ll be heading into the studio during that time so you’ll get a sneak peek at the process and I won’t be sharing those videos, photos and updates anywhere else but with my IndieGogo supporters.

I can’t wait to bring y’all along for the ride as we head back to Royal Studios to finish this album. Your support has made everything I’ve done to this point possible – I’m grateful, and can’t wait to share this music with you!

Just CLICK HERE to pre-order now!

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