Mixing it up, survival, & more shows!

Whew! So it’s been awhile! A lot has gone down in my life the past 2 months (i.e. surviving what turned into a very severe case of viral meningitis and resulting hospitalization and slow recovery), so I’ve been a little out of commission and am catching back up on catching y’all back up on me! I’m doing much, much, better now and am back at about 85% of my energy and stamina, and as a result, I’m ready to announce some shows out on the road! The boys and I had a great time playing New Orleans last weekend for what was my first show back since I became ill and it wore my body out but was EXACTLY what my soul needed! With that being said, I can confirm that I am amped up and ready to go with the rest of our out of town gigs I’ve got planned for y’all! Over the next couple of months, we’ll be in Atlanta, Chattanooga, and Hunstville, and it isn’t stopping there, because now that I’m back in the saddle, the booking emails are getting cranked back out! Be sure to check the “Live” tab for tour dates and to find out when we’re coming your way! Live in Memphis? PERFECT! We have a show for y’all next Friday 6/23/17 at The Cove on Broad Ave. Show starts at 9pm so maybe I can catch some of you daywalkers this time around. 😉 In other news, **ahem ahem lemme clear my throat for this one**, WE’RE HEADING BACK TO THE STUDIO JULY 10-12 to mix the album and add a few last finishing touches at Music+Arts Studio (where I recorded my first 2 records) and are aiming to have the CD in your hand/on your smartphone by the end of summer/very beginning of fall! I’ll be checking back in over the next few weeks with updates on the release date, album title, and behind the scenes shots and intel from in the studio! I’m so glad to be back and so grateful for the fans who have supported me and prayed for me during these last few months. Your love and care really carried me through and now it’s my turn to give back! Love y’all! xoxo -FER

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