I’m so excited that the folks at Stereo Subversion premiered my new music video for “PBR Song,” the first single from 1835 Madison. Watch the music video above and check out the interview they did with me and the premiere post here! Thanks to Edward Valibus and his talented team for making this a great experience and creating a beautiful video!

Alright y’all, so I have some awesome news! “PBR Song” is going to have a music video, and it’s the first one off my first album! In other words, I’m super pumped! I worked on this project with Edward Valibus in the director’s chair here in Memphis at Kudzu’s Bar–a local favorite. If you’ve given the song a listen, you know that there’s a lot of personal life and bar life occurring within a few verses, so we figured, let’s put those together and make a video!

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This Sunday I shoot my first music video for “PBR Song”, the first single off “1835Madison”! Edward Valibus is in the director’s chair on this one, and based on preproduction meetings, it’s gonna be great! I am SO excited! The music video will be released January 14, 2014! Keep your eyes open!