Hey y’all – I’m excited to share that I’m the first featured artist for the new MGP The Studio Songwriters Series! Each month a new artist will be featured and on each Monday of that month, a song and section of an interview with the artist by Amber Rae Dunn will be posted to their YouTube page! Here is the first segment for the first Monday of December! Check back each Monday this month for another session clip!

I’ve been so lucky to work with the same amazing director on all of my music videos – and on Halloween weekend this year I shared the third collaboration between me and Edward Valibus, the video for “Cold Blooded Killer” from After It’s Said & Done! When we were working on the video for “Rock Me Slow” Edward talked about having a concept for this song, too, and we just kept the conversation going… and now here we are! This has racked up more than 10,000 views on Facebook. Unbelievable! Check it out now:

Photo credit: Faizah Husniyah
Hey y’all! It’s been awhile, huh!? Well, that’s because I’ve been planning and cookin’ up some big surprises and news for y’all over the past few months that’ll be here before you know it! First off, I’m making a new music video with director, Edward Valibus (PBR Song/Rock Me Slow videos), for “Cold Blooded Killer”–a bonus track from my EP, “After It’s Said & Done”, released this past December. The video will be released just in time for Halloween, and you can only imagine why the timing is SO perfect (*insert overly dramatic, evil cackle here*)! It will be the closing chapter for the EP because (*DRUM ROLL*) I’M RETURNING TO THE STUDIO IN DECEMBER! I’ll be at Royal Studios here in Memphis, TN where Kevin Houston (North Mississippi Allstars, Patty Griffin, Lucero), who produced and engineered both of my first two albums, and I will be recording a double single to be released just in time for my second year of showcasing at Folk Alliance International in February! Both singles will be included on a new full band/full length album slated for later in 2016! You can expect some of your favorite players from my first album, “1835 Madison”, on there, as well as some new faces that aren’t new at all to lovers of Memphis music! You’ll have to stick around to hear more though–A girl’s gotta keep some things a secret to keep y’all on the edge of your seats! Anyway, I’ve missed y’all, and I’m ready to come at ya full force with this new video and material! Get ready, here I come! XOXO -Faith