It’s here, y’all–My official music video for the second single from my After It’s Said & Done EP, Rock Me Slow, directed and produced by Edward Valibus! Yesterday it premiered through Skin Back Alley in the UK (where I will be touring this May–more to come on that) and on Adobe and Teardrops in the US! In related and equally exciting news, my first music video for PBR Song, also shot and directed by Edward Valibus, has been accepted into the Crossroads Film Festival this April in Jackson, Mississippi! So much excitement lately in the video department of this musical adventure I’m on! Gotta love it, y’all, gotta love it! Well, do me a favor, click play below, and enjoy watching this here video! You get to see me in a retro nightie (woohoo wink wink)! Hope you enjoy! -FER

Alright y’all! It’s been a hot minute since I brought an update to everyone on here, so here it goes! 2014 was a great year! I recorded and released my new EP After It’s Said & Done on vinyl and played some great shows around the South. Well, so far in 2015 I’ve followed that up by shooting a new music video for my song Rock Me Slow with Edward Valibus in the director’s chair, and y’all, it’s going to be AWESOME! Edward did the music video for PBR Song, so if that tells you anything, it’s going to be great! I’ve included a few shots from the set in Clarksdale, Mississippi (supposed home of the blues if you’re a Robert Johnson fan) to give y’all a lil sneak peek! The video is set to come out at the end of February, so get ready and stay tuned for more details to come! Much love!-Faith


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